May 30, 2020

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Greetings Fellow Cyclists, The Dyerville Loop was our final Banana Slug Series training ride of...

Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

The Dyerville Loop was our final Banana Slug Series training ride of the year. With only fourteen riders, it was a smaller than usual crowd, and in fact I was expecting a larger than usual crowd because of the beautiful weather. Maybe it was just a bad weekend for people to drive out to Weott for a four to five (and almost six for some of us) hour ride. Regardless, if you didn’t join us, y’all missed out on an awesome ride.

The weather for our final Banana Slug Series training ride was spectacular. It was cool and damp at Humboldt Redwoods State Park Visitor Center when we arrived shortly after nine a.m. The ride started almost promptly at ten, and we headed north on Avenue of the Giants. The morning fog lifted as we turned right onto Dyerville Loop Road, and the temperatures rose to a comfortable level very quickly; the sun graced us with its warmth the rest of the day.

Traffic was virtually non-existent all the way to Alderpoint Road where the traffic picked up noticeably; from Garberville to Redway it was uncomfortably busy, and the stretch of 101 we rode wasn’t any more pleasant. Once back on Avenue of the Giants, the traffic calmed down to the occasional tourist, and they were all thoughtful, careful drivers.

The day wasn’t without a couple minor mishaps. At least one rider, maybe two, made a wrong turn up on the ridge, and cut the ride short. Fortunately, they didn’t choose to go in a direction that would have taken them farther out into the hills.

A huge thank you to John Dostal for officiating/timing. It’s been two years since I’ve had the opportunity to ride Dyerville Loop. I love this ride, and really appreciate it. Thanks again John!

So without further ado here are the final results of the ride:

Jess Couch 4:01

Michael Chapman 4:01

Andrea Achilli 4:08

Rick Beale 4:10

Rocky Brashear 4:24

Wally Coppini 4:58

Grant Lay 4:58

Steven Jones 5:00

Trevor Goff 5:16

Frank Demling 5:50

Tim Daniels 5:50

Chris Johnson Wrong turn?

Kevin Beirnacki Wrong turn

John Dostal Short loop/timing official

Stay tuned for RCMBA’s Harvest series rides starting in August. The schedule will be posted when it has been finalized.

See you on the roads and on the trails.


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