June 3, 2020


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G20 Oil Agreement Doomed to Fail Forbes Trump Friend Dies of Coronavirus ...

G20 Oil Agreement Doomed to Fail


Trump Friend Dies of Coronavirus

Associated Press

What We Now Know About the Coronavirus


How China Deceived the WHO

The Atlantic

US is Fueling the Coronavirus Disaster

Der Spiegel

Some Other Patients Really Need That Drug

The Atlantic

Coronavirus & How We Now Spend Our Money

New York Times

SCOTUS Made Inequality Worse Since Nixon

Washington Post

Germany: Virus Infection Rate Just 0.4%


US Global Reputation Hits a New Bottom


WI: Foxconn Buildings Still Empty

The Verge

Coronavirus Dashboard


Virus Task Force Boosts Industry & Confusion

NBC News

Mayo Clinic Cuts Pay for 20,000 Workers

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Recovering from Coronavirus in Idaho


MA: Sewage Shows Large Infected Population

ABC News

FBI Knew of Risk of Disinformation in Dossier

CBS News

Coronavirus Civics

The Atlantic

US Post Office Will Soon Collapse


Wisconsin: Where Democracy Went to Die


Advisors on Reopening Country to be Named


White House Staff Had Book on Mentally Ill

Business Insider

Working on Plan to Reopen DFW

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Restarting America Means Some Will Die

New York Times

Inside Story of the Beatles Breakup


2,000 Deaths in a Day was Likely the Peak

CNN (Sa)

Federal Debt Tops $22 Trillion

CNS News

Reopening Early May Kill People, or Staying in

Vanity Fair

Sweden: We Didn’t Need to Order a Lockdown

Business Insider

FDA Warns Alex Jones on Selling Virus Crap


Are Feds Tracking Nursing Home Deaths?

NBC News

Burning Man Canceled

USA Today

Judge Masturbates During Trials

Houston Chronicle

Coronavirus Death Estimates Keep Dropping


Los Angeles Before EPA Smog Rules


NY Gets $12G Per Virus Case, Nebraska $300G

Daily Beast

This Company Promised Cheap Ventilators


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