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The Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems specifically address the vehicle distribution operations and aftersales support...

The Strategic Motor Vehicle Systems specifically address the vehicle distribution
operations and aftersales support missions for motor vehicle manufacturers,
importers, and distributors.
They reflect over thirty calendar years of experience
incorporating the best practices of both over 30 vehicle OEM customers as well as
perspectives gained from studying many other vehicle OEM’s.

Our systems address the following application areas:

You will operate on current technology while using our systems. They have prospered
over four generations of technology changes. They are cloud served, Internet driven, and
are accessible through browser, mobile, and graphical user interfaces. Our computing
platform has never experienced database corruption. It possesses the lowest Total Cost of
Ownership ( TCO ) in the computing industry.

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Recent product updates include:

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Our benefits over using an ERP solution alone

Our systems do not force any of the compromises that exist when implementing an ERP
system. Many of our best customers use ERP systems for their manufacturing and
finance requirements while using our applications for their sales and product support
missions. Our customers continue to realize the value that our systems provide in spite of
their ERP vendors claim that our systems are not needed.

Consider the complexity of vehicle configurations. ERP systems force the definition of
each unique vehicle to a specific part number. At best, some can support a model year,
model and “variant code”. It is nearly impossible to manage the nearly limitless
combination of model years, sales models, and options within that structure. Our systems
allow the complete definition of each vehicle to reflect each element in its specific
configuration in an easy to use format.

Here are some observations that we have noticed in ERP implementations that our
customers never have to face. ERP systems are built to make, sell, support and track the
finances of generic “widgets”. They neither possess the ability to manage the complexity
of motor vehicles nor the demanding warranty and government compliance required
specifically for the industry. Imagine the face of the:

  • Warranty manager whose ERP system required his dealers to submit a “negative
    parts order” in order to make a warranty claim
  • Parts manager whose ERP system caused vehicles to regularly show up on his
    parts stock status and inventory valuation reports due to data coding issues.
  • Controller whose ERP system required all users to exit the system in order to back
    out a transaction or to override the price for a vehicle
  • Dealer network manager who is charged back for 6+ ERP seats per dealer times
    hundreds of dealers for both initial charges and annual support charges
  • IT manager who needed to work with “bolted on” solutions to address
    unaddressed ERP deficits like:
    • Vehicle allocation
    • Monroney label (window sticker) printing
    • Vehicle configurators
    • Port option installation
    • Aftersales government compliance requirements

Our customers do not face these issues.

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USA-specific compliance issues

If you are distributing vehicles in the USA, there are many legal compliance issues
integrated into the framework of our applications that ERP systems do not support. Here are some examples.

When you terminate an underperforming dealer, the #1 complaint that you will face in
court is that you did not fairly distribute vehicles to them. Our integrated Vehicle
Allocation system provides an unbiased distribution of vehicles with the ability to
document any exceptions that occur. No ERP system has this capability.

There are many governmental compliance issues related to product aftersales support.
Our systems provide integrated support for these compliance issues.

  • Product recalls and voluntary service campaigns are inevitable. We manage this
    process and produce all required NHTSA compliance reports.
  • Every state has its own Lemon Law regulations that can potentially require a
    vehicle buyback. We have application logic that identifies potential Lemon Law
    situations so that early intervention is possible.
  • For vehicles in areas with Emission Controls (CARB in California, for example),
    our systems identify vehicles that are subject to regulation and allow you to
    monitor, manage, and report your compliance in order to avoid potential
    emissions recalls.
  • NHTSA’s TREAD ACT involves extremely complex reporting of production,
    death and injury incidents, property damage, consumer complaints, product
    defects, and field reports. Our applications manage all of this data and produce
    both management reporting as well as the XML datastream required for reporting.

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