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Flexible (One way)

montreal area to kelowna BC
departing mid april to end of april.
we are driving our motorhome and looking for a someone to drive our truck.
we will sometimes drive the truck but you will usually do all the driving.
we are a married couple with baby.
vehicles run on veggie oil so takes a little extra time to cross as we stop to re fuel a couple of times. we cover all vehicle expenses.
non smoking non drinking no drugs.
vegan. if you are not vegan or cannot handle being vegan for a couple weeks this is not the ride for you.
we share meals and will teach you to make vegan food if interested.
we follow main highways across canada until bc then entering the southern pass route through lethbridge sparwood creston up to crawford bay and then to nakusp area to soak in natural

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New and Used Car Listings, Search Car Inventory for Sale | Car.com

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