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Table of Contents Total Number of Bike Corrals in Portland? 158! (last updated April 2019)City of Portland’s Existing On-Street Bicycle Corral LocationsOn-Street Bicycle Parking Corrals FAQs Total Number of Bike Corrals in Portland? 158! (last updated April 2019)       Providing ample, convenient, comfortable and secure bicycle parking […]

Total Number of Bike Corrals in Portland? 158! (last updated April 2019)


Providing ample, convenient, comfortable and secure bicycle parking is an important part of serving those who currently use bicycles for transportation and encouraging future cyclists.  Bicycle parking is an inexpensive and efficient means of increasing both public and private parking capacity for the city as a whole.

City of Portland’s Existing On-Street Bicycle Corral Locations

On-Street Bicycle Parking Corrals FAQs

Are you are a business or property owner with enough bike parking demand to warrant an on-street bicycle corral? Bike corrals provide bike parking for 12 to 24 bicycles.

– Do you regularly see more than 10 customer bicycles locked outside?  
If yes, then fill out a Bike Corral Application Form
If no, perhaps installing additional bicycle racks on the sidewalk is a better solution.  Fill out a Bike Rack Request Form

What is a Bicycle Corral?
Bicycle Corrals are groups of 6, 9, or 12 bicycle racks installed in the parking strip in areas with high bicycle parking demand. Bicycle Corrals accommodate 12 to 24 bicycles in one or two auto parking spaces. 
Check out this collection of community uploaded photos of Portland’s On-Street Bike Corrals. 

-Why On-Street Bicycle Parking?

On-Street Bicycle Parking provides many benefits where bicycle-use is high and growing: 

  • Businesses: Corrals provide a 10 to 1 customer to parking space ratio and advertise “bike-friendliness.”  They also improve the outdoor café seating environment by removing locked bicycles from the sidewalk.
  • Pedestrians: Corrals clear the sidewalks and serve as de facto curb extensions.
  • People on bicycles: Corrals increase the visibility of bicycling.
  • Motor vehicle drivers: Corrals improve visibility at intersections by eliminating the opportunity for larger vehicles to park at street corners.

Most of Portland’s bicycle parking is provided in bike racks on the sidewalk.  However, in a growing number of commercial areas the high demand for bicycle parking is too much for the sidewalk.  In other cases, local businesses simply prefer bicycles in the parking strip rather than autos in order to attract a customer base that is turning more to the bicycles for transportation. In all cases, corrals are installed at the express request or cooperation of the adjacent businesses.

-How can I request On-Street Bike Parking in my neighborhood?  

While the City’s Bureau of Transportation has been scrambling to meet the high demand for bicycle parking, we’re continuing to seek more! Do you know of a location that could benefit from a bike corral? Notify the owner of your favorite business that a bicycle corral is an option to deal with the bicycle parking demand (e.g. more than 10 bicycles on a regular basis). Apply online to request a bicycle corral or email [email protected] with questions. 

Ideal locations for on-street bike parking corrals are adjacent to destinations that attract at least 10 bicycles or more on a regular basis. Occupancy rates measure demand on a typical day, typical hour, May through October. 

-Where are bicycle corrals installed?

The City of Portland prefers locating on-street bike parking corrals at street corners in order to add additional benefits, such as creating defacto curb extensions to shorten pedestrian’s crossing of the street and improving visibility for cars turning into traffic from side streets. 
Corrals should be located on the main street as close as possible to the main entrances.  The City requires that the immediately adjacent business owner and property owner approve of the corral installation and sign an agreement requiring minor, regular sweeping of the corral to discourage the accumulation of debris. 

Program Contact Information
Sarah Goforth 
PBOT Bike Rack Project Manager
[email protected]

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