How about owning a tesla electric car

Are you thinking of buying a TSLA EV? If you are, read this article about the important things to remember before purchasing an electric car. Before buying an electric car, here’s things to remember.

There are several reasons to turn to an electric vehicle, including the environmental benefits. You’d hear less operating expense, less maintenance, better efficiency, etc.

Questions before purchasing an electric vehicle

The first question you must ask yourself is

# 1 Is the car range enough?

Electric cars are not everybody’s realistic alternative. How long will you be riding in your car every day? Most electric cars travel over 200 kilometres. Some have a much lower variety.

The range of electric cars matters, as charging stations might not be available anywhere. You can need to rely on home charging stations.

If you ride by car everyday from home to the office and the office isn’t too far away, you can go for an electric vehicle. You could get an office charging station.

# 2 What’s the budget?

An electric car’s selling price is around 10-50 % higher than an equivalent gasoline car. Additional costs involved. For example, EV insurance costs more than IC engine cars.

Charging electric cars cost less! That’s one reason an EV attracts people. Consider the estimate for an electric vehicle.

# 3 Do you have enough charging stations?

The key charging stations are home charging stations. EV owners charge the car overnight plugging into their garage socket. The availability of town charging stations will be a huge benefit if you’re driving an electric vehicle.

For some vehicles, fast-charging stations could charge 80% of the battery in less than 30 minutes. Otherwise, travel time will rise dramatically.

Whenever you go out, keep an eye on the battery charging status. The trip could complete without completely exhausting the battery.

If your city has a charging network, you’re fortunate enough. You could make city hussle-free roundtrips.

It also depends on the traffic patterns. If you use the car mostly to go to the office and back, and the car will have enough energy to drive, don’t worry about public charging stations.

# 4 Building a home charging station?

Level 2 home charging stations are an extra facility for charging your electric car a little faster. Level 1 charging that needs no additional setup will very slowly charge the electric car battery. It adds just 6 km per 1 hour of charging.

Most EV owners buy a 240V level 2 charger to allow their car charge in around 4-5 hours. Level 2 charger will add 40 km in 1 hour charging.

Buying one is really important. Installing the charger at your home requires a small additional electrical job. Any car manufacturers / sellers will support you. Otherwise, employ an electrician to mount your level 2 charging station. You can check more information at